It’s Planting Season!!

I’m sure you recognize this….a car load of plants. Are you like Peg and me when shopping for plants and kinda like the ol’ saying “bite off more than you chew” except with plants it “dig up more than you can plant???” As we go into the summer planting season we have that spirit of renewal as we plant beautiful young flowers with the anticipation of watching them grow into mature blooming examples of God’s creation…only to see them wilt in the fall/winter and we start over again. Kinda like life in general, huh? – young couples welcoming the birth of God’s newest children while we sadly say goodbye to old friends as they go on to meet their Savior. God wants us to forget the sorrow of saying goodbye and just enjoy the beauty of the colorful blooms while His plants are at their peak and know that he will comfort us when we do have to say goodbye. This applies to both the beautiful plants of summer and dear friendships we share with others. On this Memorial weekend let’s pause to remember, and thank, those who fought to preserve our freedoms while giving the ultimate sacrifice.

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