Toxaway Church

A beautiful Sunday in the mountains.  What a great Pentecost service at Lake Toxaway United Methodist Church.  Pastor Marcus Dodson preached about the need for a revival (my words, not his) of the church in America.  Christianity is growing tremendously in Africa and South America while our numbers dwindle in the good ole US of A. With another school shooting this week (Sante Fe, TX) one has to wonder if the breakdown of the family and our Christian values is not the blame rather than the guns used to commit the crime?  The family of the shooter expressed their grief and surprise in a statement:

“We share the public’s hunger for answers as to why this happened,” the statement continues, “and will await the outcome of the investigation before speaking about these events.”  – Pagourtzis family statement

…and I understand the tragedy  has to be hard for shooter’s family, as well.  But, one does wonder how this young man was so troubled that he would take guns to his school and kill 10 people without his family knowing he was struggling with personal anger, rage and whatever causes these violent actions.

In all of these tragedies there is also the demonstration of good in people as Pro Football player JJ Watt is offering to pay for these kids funerals.

So, on this Pentecost Sunday let us remember what Acts 2:21 promise:  “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

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