Politics and the Gospel

I was visiting Fellowship Greenville a few weeks back and the “teaching” hit home with me: Politics and the Gospel. Charlie Boyd is one of my favorites and I enjoy hearing him when I can be away from my home at Christ Church Episcopal.  I have talked about many times over the past couple of years how we live in very trying times. I have never witnessed such divisiveness….such anger…there is no civility in our political process anymore.  What do we do???   This has been especially so these past couple of weeks as we have witnessed the modern day crucifying of Judge Brett Kavanaugh….and his family(I say his family because last week he told the story of his young daughter suggesting prayer for his accuser ) and now the left is making fun of her…for praying.

The mixing of politics and church has long been debated as to the appropriate level to which one should involve each of these important parts of our lives. I have read Romans in the past, but not until I listened to Charlie did I truly have clarity of the role the Gospel plays in our political lives.  This is the statement that got my attention: “if we do not live the Gospel in our politics then we won’t live it effectively in the other areas of our lives.” BINGO!!  Read Romans 13:1-8 when you have a minute. Better yet watch Charlie Boyd teach this lesson….only after you listen to my segment below as I talked about this topic on my show recently.

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