Vote YES to confirm Judge Kavanaugh

We all heard the testimony of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh last week. The FBI, at the direction of the White House, is doing a supplemental background investigation. Assuming nothing new is uncovered it’s time to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh and move on. I agree with Senator Jeff Flake that this process is tearing the country apart so let’s be ready for a vote this week!!! Let’s let Senator Flake and his colleagues, who appear to be on the fence,  know we are ready to move forward with an affirmative vote.

Contact them today:

Senator Jeff Flake  – Click to EMAIL   or call 202-224-4521

Senator Susan CollinsClick to EMAIL  or call 202-224 -2523

Senator Lisa MurkowskiClick to EMAIL or call 202-224-6665

Senator Joe ManchinClick to EMAIL or call  202-224-3954

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