My Question to Listeners Today: How to Stop School Shootings?

Here are just a few of the text messages I received on the ZeroRez text-line in response to my question on school safety and should we put in metal detectors, retired police officers and/or more restrictive entrance procedures?  All agreed….there is no easy solution.



Metal detectors yes. So what if it takes a little longer

to get in if it saves one life.  How can we afford not to?



Metal detectors… arm the teachers… don’t be afraid

to confront students if you think something’s wrong.’



What’s changed? The LEFTIST & communists

are educating our kids.



Joey who’s to say if you make one entrance with

a metal detector and they are waiting in the car

with a gun. It makes for an easy target. There is

not an easy fix here.



Metal detectors will not solve this problem study

was done by the TSA they planted illegal items on

100 random people and 96 got through.



Hello Joey. The one entrance approach will just

make a whole lot of students and adults sitting

ducks. Like shooting fish in a barrel. The only

true answer is to figure out the true cause of

this. Children r not being guided and taught

character and a moral foundation.



For all those naysayers that say you can’t put

metal detectors in high school it’s just not

practical. Tell him to do some research on

the LA Unified School District. They’ve had

metal detectors in their schools for years.

It mostly came about when the Crips and

the Bloods were very violent against each

other in the South Central Area and kids

were bringing guns to schools.



Hi Joey, more and more it’s a discipline issue

starting at home. I’m guilty and learning how

to discipline again the way I was. Didn’t like it

much but makes sense now. please share this

reading from Hebrews 12:11 with your audience.


No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening

—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a

peaceful harvest of right living for those who

are trained in this way.




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