Bank Records Show Biden Received Payments from Hunter’s Business and GOP to Decide on Impeachment (Ep 30)

The House of Representatives could be faced with a decision on whether to impeach President Biden in the first half of next year..very soon…according  Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan while speaking to Fox News Digital yesterday….

This as more damaging news about the Biden crime family where House Oversight chairman James Comer released information showing bank transfer directly to Joe Biden from Hunter Biden’s business accounts….we have all the details…

Christian parents from Colorado have complained to their eleven-year-old daughter’s school district after she was allegedly forced to share a bed with a biological male on an overnight field trip

There’s a lot of discussion about this years college football playoff teams….with FSU being undefeated, but overlooked by the committee, who chose Alabama instead…even with their 11-1 season record….for all of you college football fans…stick around…I want to hear your feedback on this one!!!!

We hear the term “patriot” being used a lot….what is a patriot? Do you consider yourself a patriot.  Jesse Watters sent one of his team out on the streets of NY to ask the question…the response was interesting. Thanks for enlightening us, Jesse!!

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