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Comey Memos

James Comey continues to dominate the 24/7 news cycle with the release of his “memos.”  I have never understood the importance of such memos after a meeting like this. These are notes this man wrote himself and how are to know they reflect what was actually said in the meeting. He admits he was writing them from memory after the fact and that they may not be in the correct order….so, if his memory is not that great maybe he also misstate some of the facts too….or maybe, he had always intended to have these reflect what his agenda was in the first place?  Did Trump also make notes of what he remembers being said….the fact is, two men had dinner and there are always two sides to a story.  Is it unreasonable for a President to expect some degree of loyalty? It appears this is what the President was trying to determine…could he trust James Comey? The answer is now pretty obvious. Read the MEMOS yourself. President Trump says the MEMOS prove there was no collusion.

CNN says….

“The contemporaneous notes that Comey compiled have already had a major impact: They helped lead to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, formed the basis of Trump’s constant criticism that Comey is “a leaker” and sparked accusations that Comey provided classified information to a friend.”

The New York Times says….“the seen memos did  little to help the Republicans undermine Mr. Comey’s credibility.”

Read the MEMOS for yourself and you decide…do we know anymore than we did?