Tucker Hipps death has led to hazing law changes; Alaska Cruise passes thru Stephens Passage (Ep 179)

Welcome in as this week is going to be a bit different as I share with you my journey on the Patriots Alaska Cruise…with my buddies Mike Gallagher and Sebastian Gorka. We left Seattle, WA on Saturday and spent the day at sea yesterday and what fun we had getting to know about 400 enthusiastic patriots who listen to talk radio and are interested in the future of our country.

Each day this week I will be updating you on the cruise and featuring some of my favorite recent interviews with people who are making a difference. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, X and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates. See the links below.


TODAY: I visit with Cindy Hipps the mom of Tucker Hipps. 

Tucker was pledging the Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon known as SigEp at Clemson University when he died.  Three brothers and 27 pledges including Tucker went on an early morning run across the Highway 93 Bridge at 5:30 am on September 22, 2014.

Tucker was discovered missing before 7 am when he did not report to the fraternity breakfast and his phone and keys were found where the brothers instructed the pledges to leave them before the run.

The pledges started looking for Tucker around 7 am but did not report him missing.   A call was made to campus police by one of the brothers at approximately 1:45 PM asking for information concerning Tucker but did not want to file a missing person’s report.

Tucker was found floating in Lake Hartwell just under the bridge at approximately 3:30 PM after one of the brothers led campus police to his whereabouts.  It was noted earlier by the brothers to police Tucker was wearing blue tennis shoes. Discovery of his body in the lake yielded blue tennis shoes showing out of the water with much of the remainder of his body submerged.

Cindy and Gary Hipps have worked, along with other parents, to get laws passed that will hold people involved in hazing deaths accountable.  Visit the Tucker Hipps Memorial Foundation website for more information.



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