Joe Biden bombs at debate and party insiders suggest he is done! SC Legislators pass a budget (Ep 178)

DEBATE, DEBATE, DEBATE….what else do you want to talk about today? We have the highlights for you….did we witness the end of Joe Biden last night?

Legislators were back in Columbia on Wednesday…..state leaders were able to accomplish two major things:

They agreed on changes to how South Carolina picks judges which will allow for more candidates to be considered for a judgeship and give the governor influence over the process.

ALSO… Legislators passed a $14.5 billion state spending package that cuts income taxes, increases state employees’ salaries and freezes tuition at public colleges in South Carolina for the sixth consecutive year.

 McDonald’s plant-based burger flopped in two American test markets, according to McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger….guess which two cities they tested the new burger in??



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