Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr talks about the impact of faith based movies and we are at Glacier Bay, Alaska (Ep 180)

Welcome in as this week is going to be a bit different as I share with you my journey on the Patriots Alaska Cruise…with my buddies Mike Gallagher and Sebastian Gorka. We left Seattle, WA on Saturday and spent the day at sea yesterday and what fun we had getting to know about 400 enthusiastic patriots who listen to talk radio and are interested in the future of our country.

Each day this week I will be updating you on the cruise and featuring some of my favorite recent interviews with people who are making a difference. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, X and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates. See the links below.



The Firing Squad….is a true story of redemption and a reminder that our faith can help us overcome any of life’s challenges…..

the movie stars Kevin Sorbo, James Barrington and a longtime favorite of mine….

TODAY….I want to share with you my conversation with well-known actor…..Cuba Gooding , Jr!

The Firing Squad…will be in theaters next month!!!!



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