Support him (or not) Ramaswamy goes viral with response to WaPo reporter and Haley insults Iowans just before caucus. (Ep 53)

At least five people were shot, and one child has died after a school shooting Thursday morning in a small Iowa town.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy went viral on social media for his response to a reporter’s question asking him if he condemns “White supremacy and White nationalism.”

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley….is back in the headlines again….she’s  facing criticism from her GOP opponents and some Iowans on the ground over a comment she made to a New Hampshire audience suggesting Iowa “starts” the election process and New Hampshire will “correct it.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and Michael Jackson are among the A-list celebrities’ names that appear in a large collection of newly released documents relating to Virginia Giuffre’s (ga-frae) lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell…this is a list you really don’t want to be on!!!

Tipping has gotten out of control…and one TikTok user is drawing the line. A TikTok user named Justice has taken to the app to rail against tipping culture, revealing a list of places where she’ll no longer be leaving a gratuity.