Trump Appeals Colorado ballot decision; Record number of illegals in December and WH blames GOP on debt

As expected… President Donald Trump appealed a ruling disqualifying him from Colorado’s 2024 election ballot to the Supreme Court yesterday.

Another record month at the southern border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered enough illegals trying to slip into our country to fill Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor almost three times.

Meanwhile… The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court this week to allow the Border Patrol to remove barbed wire installed along the Texas-Mexico border by Texas Governor Greg Abbot.


The resignation of Harvard University’s President, Claudine Gay, has directed some unwanted attention on the school….and the academic world in general….the question many are asking will this change the leftist leaning woke world of higher education? 

 ….and while we’re talking about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion we all know the only reason Karine Jean-Pierre is the WH press secretary is because of the color of her skin and her sexual preference. KJP has really outdone herself this time (you have to give her credit for her creativity) because she was really reaching yesterday when she blamed the record 34 trillion national debt on GOP tax cuts!!!….stick around …you’re going to love this one!!!