Congress reaches spending agreement; Biden visits Charleston and Sec of Defense is in hospital and Biden doesn’t know it? (Ep 54)

House and Senate negotiators reached an agreement on a government funding top line Sunday, taking a critical step toward avoiding a shutdown later this month.

President Joe Biden will visit Chalreston, SC. Biden will be at the Mother Emmanual church where 9 black church members were shot by a self-described white supremacist. Also, VP Kamala Harris was in Myrtle over the weekend on the anniversary of the Jan 6th capital protest and we have the details on her visit too!!

With just weeks until the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, all eyes are on 2024 Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley as she aims to break former President Donald Trump’s grip on GOP voters, but recent polling suggests she still faces an uphill battle to her party’s nomination…we have some of the polling to share with you.

Does it bother you to know that the Secretary of Defense was hospitalized last week…for nearly 5 days and the nation didn’t know….it doesn’t even appear his boss knew! How does that happen? How does the President of the United States not know that his Sec of Defense is in the hospital???

What is it like to take a road trip in an electric vehicle? Jeff Flock with  Fox Business put Joe Biden’s electric vehicle hype to the test, embarking on an 800-mile trip in a Tesla last Tuesday from Chicago to New York, documenting each charge along the way.


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