Oversight Chair Comer says Biden family served ”two dozen” subpoenas and Bill O’Reilly on his latest book ”Killing the Witches” (Ep 10)

House Oversight Chair James Comer said the Biden family will be served with “two dozen” subpoenas in the coming days related to the family’s overseas business dealings.

I had the chance to spend some time Bill O’Reilly recently to talk with him about his latest best-seller in his Killing Series…..his latest is Killing the Witches: The Horror of Salem, Mass…it’s the story of the Salem Witch trials…..O’Reilly says it was the original “cancel culture”.

Today is election day…..with elections in a lot of municipalities…and some referendums…Spartanburg county voters are being asked to approve another penny sales tax for “roads”

And there are a few states where Governor’s races could give us a glimpse of what could happen in 2024