Israel Targets Hamas Tunnels; Ohio voters approved abortion rights while Congress faces shutdown (Ep 11)


As the war between Israel and terrorist group Hamas continues for one month now….reports indicate Israel has been Targeting  Hamas Tunnels After Encircling Gaza City…more on this in a minute..


Just 10 Days Before Another Govt Shutdown, Congress Expands To-Do List With Ukraine, and the southern  Border


Yesterday was election day in some states around the country with just a handful having statewide elections, but a lot of local school board and municapalities holding elections along with some ballot iniativies..


….. and , of course, tonight is debate #3 for the GOP candidates running to take the Republican nomination from frontrunner president Donald Trump….I am in Miami where Mike Gallagher will be bringing up-to the minute news on the debate tonight …..plan to listen online at…you can watch on the Salem New Channel….and various other apps…..Salem Media Host Hugh Hewitt joins NBC hosts Lester Holt and Kristen Welker as the moderators…