Hunter Biden issued a subpoena; Hamas is using hospitals as shields and the GOP gets heated (Ep 12)

Hunter Biden is  ‘eager’ to testify in ‘public forum’ after House Oversight committee issues a subpoena for testimony, ..according to the Biden lawyers


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) say they have gathered evidence showing that Hamas terrorists  have purposely exploited civilian areas in Gaza, (hospitals and schools) as the war continues….we have an update for you


Did The Democrat Sweep Of Virginia Just Crush Glenn Youngkin’s Political Ambitions?


….. and , of course, last night….. debate #3 for the GOP candidates running to take the republican nomination from frontrunner president Donald Trump….many of you have said…you just had no interest…in the GOP debate,…but did watch some of Donald Trump’s competing event just 30 minutes down the road from the Miami Dade County concert hall….