Donald Trump leading in five key battleground states and Ukrainian President invites Trump to visit (Ep 9)

Donald Trump is gaining considerable leads against President Biden in five of six key battleground states, a new poll has found.  The New York Times, Siena College poll was released over the weekend….I will give you those details a little later in today’s show…

Ukrainian President  Zelensky said in an interview that aired yesterday that what keeps him fighting is ensuring that Russian President  Putin does not take away the freedoms of Ukrainians….also, Zelensky  invited former President Trump to his country’s war zone, saying the former president “can’t manage this war.”

Zelensky, ……responded to Trump’s claims that he could end the war with Russia in 24 hours.


Sen. Lindsey Graham telld CNN’s Dana Bash that he and Sen Richard Blumenthol are introducing a resolution that “puts Iran on notice” that it will face consequences if it seeks to expand the Israel-Hamas conflict.


Tomorrow is election day in a lot of municipalities with some referendums on the ballots too. Spartanburg County voters will decide the fate of a proposed penny sales tax for roads.