Just a quick weekend check-in (Ep 8)

Obama calls for end of ‘occupation,’ security for Israel, state for Palestinians


Violence in the nations capital…A building in Washington D.C. was vandalized with graffiti messages reading, “Death to Israel” and “Glory 2 the Martyrs,” among other antisemitic messages, the Israeli embassy to the United States reported.

“In our backyard: “Death to Israel” and “Glory to our Martyrs,” among other violent antisemitic graffiti spotted in Washington DC. #WhereIsTheOutrage,” the embassy said in an X post Saturday.

The footage showed a series of graffiti messages reading, “Free Gaza” and “F–k Israel.”


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became the second Republican candidate in a day to get booed at a Republican event in Florida for his opposition to former President Donald Trump — with the 2024 hopeful telling his hecklers that they “fear the truth.”

Christie spoke at the Florida Freedom Summit in Kissimmee, Florida, and was met with yells and boos the moment he took the stage, with cries of “Trump!” and “Drop out now!”

“What a shock, you’re for Trump, I’m gonna fall over dead,” he said. “Now look, every one of those boos, every one of those catcalls, every one of those yells will not solve one problem we face in this country.”


McDonald’s in downtown San Francisco forced to close its doors after 30 years