Don Jr. Says No Nikki on his Dad’s ticket and Harvard’s Claudine Gay Facing more Plagiarism Accusations

Just say NO to Nikki…that’s seems to be the message from Don Jr to his dad. According to the NY Post, Donald Trump Jr. is drawing a line in the sand for his father in the veepstakes: no Nikki Haley.

Harvard University president Claudine Gay, who has come under fire over accusations of plagiarism and antisemitism, is now seeing her work further scrutinized after it was revealed two professors questioned a data method she used in a 2001 Stanford paper that often resulted in “logical inconsistencies” — and she refused to share her research with them.


If you have been waiting for the publication of “Behind the Doors of Justice” to be published (this is the memoirs of Becky Hill, the trial clerk in the Alex Murdaugh case) you’re going to be waiting for a while.

Headlines in The Daily Caller…..It’s Not Even An Election Year But The Clock Is Already Ticking For Joe Biden.