AOC Compares Jesus to Palestinians and A Massive Caravan heads to the Southern Border (Ep 45)

A radical activist leading the latest massive migrant caravan from Mexico to the US was once sentenced to 40 years in prison and has already led tens of thousands of asylum-seekers to the border.

President Biden took a swipe at the media for negative coverage of the economy ahead of his holiday vacation…telling reporters to start reporting “the right way”!!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., faced blowback for her social media post that tried to liken Jesus to the Palestinian people and criticize Israel but made no mention of terrorist attacks by Hamas or the hostages they continue to hold…

Did you receive a gift card for Christmas? If so, you were like millions of others who also received a gift card to one of their favorite retailers, but what happens to the money….if the card is never redeemed?