Best of Peter Doocy’s confrontations; Michigan Supreme Court sides with Trump and Where are Biden’s road and bridges? (Ep 47)

FoxNews WH correspondant Peter Doocy is well known for asking the tough questions at the exact right time and it has landed him in hot water a number of times this year…to the point that the President even called him an SOB…only to apologize later. We are going to do a “best of Peter Doocy” review today.

We are now 2 years into Joe Bidens $1.2 trillion  infrastructure investment and Jobs Act and a lot of people are asking where are all the new roads, bridges and power lines. We will dig a little deeper on what has actually been accomplished.

The Michigan Supreme court declined to remove President Donald Trump from their 2024 ballot….a direct contradiction of the Colorado Supreme courts decision….so what does this mean for other states, if anything?

Tesla, the company known for it’s electric cars, solar panels and batteries has been working to develop humanoid robots that can perform various tasks and interact with humans….are you ready to have a robo roaming around your home???