How did Black Friday get’s it name…and the CDC wants you to get vacinnated!! (Ep 23)

NYPD had to remove pro Palestinian protestors from the streets to keep them from disrupting the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in Manhatten yesterday…..some of the protestors had literally glued their hands to the streets in an effort to make it harder for police to remove then and then , of course, cried police  brutality when police officers still removed them from the parade route….in some cases ripping the skin off their hands because of the glue.

The CDC is concerned that Just 14 percent of U.S. adults have received one of the new COVID Vaccine shots, which became available in the fall…the reason?

Surveys show people have concerns about side effects and the lack of clinical data.

According to a June Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) memo obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project…….Taxpayers are paying for transgender inmates in U.S. prisons to transition to another gender if a medical assessment deems it necessary….

Pope Francis hosted a group of transgender women — many of whom are sex workers or migrants from Latin America — to a Vatican luncheon for the Catholic Church’s “World Day of the Poor” last week.


The Biden-Harris reelection campaign shared a “handy guide for responding to crazy MAGA nonsense” for supporters heading into the holidays with Trump supporting family members. other words….if over your Thanksgving dinner yesterday… of your left leaning relatives seemed to be more informed with quick responses favoring their support of Joe Biden….and critical of Donald Trump….they may have been relying on this “handy guide”….

Today is Black Friday….do you know why it’s called that….we associate it with a day of shopping that kicks off the holiday season….with some of the best deals…..but why is it called Black Friday…and how did it start?

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