Happy Thanksgiving: Let’s enjoy today and be Thankful!! (Ep 22)

While we are being Thankful…unfortunately, there is still evil in the world. We will take a few moments today to get you up-to-date.

The FBI is investigating a vehicle explosion Wednesday at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the U.S. and Canada in what sources tell Fox News’ Alexis McAdams was an attempted terrorist attack.

Former Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill declared Donald Trump was “more dangerous” than Adolf Hitler or  Mussolini during an interview on MSNBC this week….Ms. McCaskill is one of a number of democrats…including Hillary Clinton…have described President Trump as being worse than Hitler…..to just plant that thought in American’s minds…

Turkey will likely be the star of your Thanksgiving table each year, which means you’ll want to take necessary steps to prepare the dish with your family’s safety in mind.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some tips for you …..


Even with the Biden administration trying to convince us that our Thanksgiving meal will cost us less than last years….because of Bidenomics….the National Republican Congressional Committee released a short video taking issue with that assessment.

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