TX Illegal migrant law on hold..AGAIN!! Joe Biden issues new regulation that could force you to buy an EV. (Ep 107)

In yet another court ruling,  an Appeals Court Reinstates Hold on Texas Immigration Law following an earlier ruling by the US Supreme Court! TX Governor Abbott vows to keep fighting.

AND… A Texas bus company has agreed to stop bussing illegal migrants from Texas to New York City amid an ongoing lawsuit from Mayor Eric Adams.

Get those extension cords out to be ready to charge YOUR electric vehicle. The Biden administration yesterday published a rule that’s they hope will  drive a significant shift from gas-powered to electric vehicle (EV) sales.

John Kennedy strikes yet again. The Louisiana Senator’s latest victim? United States District Judge Nancy Maldonado of the Northern District of Illinois struggled to respond when asked by Sen. Kennedy  to define the term “assault weapons” during her  confirmation hearing.

Is the police mugshot a thing of the past? A Southern California police department  using photoshopped Lego heads as a way of protecting suspect identities for their social media posts due to new state laws.


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