BREAKING: Supreme Court says TX can arrest illegals and RNC sues Nevada over “impossibly high” voter rolls (EP 106)

Breaking News yesterday… a surprisingly quick decision after issuing another delay on Monday….the US Supreme Court issued a decision that  Lets Texas Enforce their new Law Allowing Police To Arrest Illegal Immigrants.

Two of America’s most distinguished retired generals testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. We will  dive into the key points from their testimony…spoiler alert, they agree mistakes were made!

The Republican National Committee (RNC) served Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguliar with a lawsuit , alleging that the state has “impossibly high” voter registration rolls.

Trump-Backed  Republican businessman turned GOP Candidate Wins Ohio Senate Primary To Take On Vulnerable Dem Senator Sherrod Brown….details on the results from yesterday’s primary later in today’s episode.

Are you happy….is your home town happy? Wallethub has just released their 10 happiest cities in America list. Did your city make the cut?


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