Tucker Carlson says Trump opponents may consider ”assassination” to stop him and strategists recommend resolutions for Joe Biden (Ep 50)

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed on social media Monday to have killed a Hamas commander who took part in the terrorist group’s invasion of Israel on Oct. 7, in which they overran the border and massacred 1,200 people.

With a fresh year ahead and the presidential election in sight, both Republican and Democratic strategists have suggestions for what New Year’s resolutions President Joe Biden should make.

The left and the never Trumpers will try anything to prevent him from going back to the Oval office, but will they stoop to the next level…..and what is that? Tucker Carlson in an interview with Dan Bongino actually says what many are thinking, but will not say….


It’s no secret – obesity is the most prevalent epidemic affecting the Western world, but one obesity organization leaders’ idea to curtail the problem has some people raising their eyebrows…employers especially who could be fined for “fat” employees!!!

 We have a new millionaire in NC and it brought her to her knees …literally. A North Carolina woman fell to the floor on live television when she became the first Powerball millionaire of 2024.