Happy New Year!!! Buckle Up…2024 Could Get Rough!!

As we celebrate the beginning of a new year…we also pause and do a quick review of this past year…..as 2023 saw inflation having an impact on American’s lives caused by Joe Biden’s excessive spending programs while illegal immigrants continued to flood our border with millions now roaming our country doing whatever they want to do knowing, that realistically, they will probably never be forced to return to their home countries.


This month kicks off the Presidential nominating process with Iowa holding their caucuses in a couple of weeks followed by New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary. Some state’s are trying to kick President Donald Trump off the ballot with the latest being Maine. The Heritage Foundation says they will sue the Maine Secretary Of State Behind Trump Ballot Removal. Meanwhile, Maine’s Democratic Secretary of State Shenna Bellows was reportedly the latest victim of swatting Friday evening, calling out the “unacceptable” behavior, according to a Facebook post.

Some good news in 2023….as we saw some major wins for religious liberties….both legislatively and some legal victories, as well.