Trump warns candidates about abortion issue; student protestors publish list of “humanitarian” aid needed on campuses (Ep 137)

Speaking at a rally in Freeland, Michigan…..President Donald Trump warned that politicians have to first get elected in order to govern…..this was in the context of his speech about abortion rights being decided at the state level.

 Anti Israel protestors at UCLA have posted a shopping list of items they need in order to remain in their emcampment on campus…I have a suggestion…just call home to mommy and daddy and tell them what you need to continue your little hissy fit!

ALSO: This is a good one… A Columbia University graduate student went viral online after telling members of the media that protesters were at risk of dying or becoming severely ill if authorities did not deliver food and water to them.

 The 400,000 migrants flown to US under Biden parole program ‘likely staying here forever’: experts tell the NY Post.

 Please be careful when you answer the phone. HEADLINE: Baby Boomers were scammed out of more than $3.4 billion in 2023 by fraudsters who phone the aging victims with bogus offers of tech support or to wire money to fake accounts — leaving some “destitute,” federal officials said.


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