NYPD brings in buses to arrest anti-Israel protestors and Trump is fined $9k for gag order violation (Ep 136)

The New York Post reported the NYPD started bringing in large buses to take protesters away once they begin making arrests last night just after 9 pm when NYPD Cops in riot gear began a raid of Columbia University following days of anti-Israel agitators taking over the campus.

 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data is revealing the more than 45 cities in the U.S. that hundreds of thousands of migrants have flown into via a controversial parole program for four nationalities — with the vast majority entering the U.S. via airports in Florida.

Former President Trump accused the judge presiding over his trial in Manhattan of “rigging” the 2024 election after ruling the 45th president violated a gag order stemming from the case.

Donald Trump did not participate in any of the GOP primary debates, but he appears to be looking forward to debating Joe Biden in the fall….and is encouraging the Commission on Presidential Debates to have them early and often!


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