Trump trial in Georgia delayed until “prosecutor’s” own trial can be completed!! (Ep 162)

Donald Trump received some good news, for once, from a court…. Trump’s Georgia case has been halted by an appeals court until Fani Willis appeal is resolved. Isn’t this a twist? The case is delayed until the prosecutor is cleared of wrong doing…what’s wrong with that picture?

 Biden’s cognitive performance once again being thrust into the spotlight following a new report from The Wall Street Journal that the 81-year-old is showing signs of slowing down during private meetings. This has renewed the speculation that Biden may not actually be the Democrat candidate on November 5th. 

ALSO…from the 5th Congressional District of SC, Rep Ralph Norman joins me later and Congressman Norman says he DOES not believe Joe Biden will be the Democrat name on the ballot!

 A Maryland woman is surprised to see her dog…who she thought had been euthanized due to an untreatable medical condition….is alive and well….and looking for another home!!! This is a crazy story and if you are a pet lover…like me…you’re going to want to hear this one!!


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