Joe Biden “dazed and confused’ and says he will NOT pardon Hunter Biden if convicted (Ep 163)

Looks like Hunter Biden is on his own as his Dad told reporters in Normandy, France that he would not pardon his son if convicted of the charges.

 It was another example of Daze and confused…. President Bidenseemed to be in “a perpetual state of confusion” following his speech in Normandy yesterday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. At times the President was seen attempting to sit down only to get back up when he realized everyone else was standing.

 As we honored the brave men who fought on D-Day ….yesterday was the 80th anniversary…sadly, we lost another hero as he was traveling to Normandy to attend the event….we have the details about 102 year-old Bob Persichitti.

 SC Lt Governor Pamela Evette joins later in the show from the US Army War College where she is attending a National Security seminar. We will get an update on what is happening at the SC State House.

The 3rd Congressional District District race is down to the wire with 7 candidates competing to take the seat currently held by Congressman Jeff Duncan.  Sheri Biggs, a first time political candidate will spend a few minutes with us to discuss why she is running for Congress and why you should be casting a vote for her.


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