Trump legal team rests their case after request for dismissal; Liz Peek speculates Biden won’t be the Dem nominee (Ep 151)

President Donald Trump’s defense team rested their case yesterday without Trump taking the stand to tesify in his own trial….. with Judge Merchan dismissing the jury until after Memorial Day. Closing arguments are anticipated to kick off next Tuesday following the holiday.

Speaking to the media while leaving court yesterday,  Trump said his defense team has already “won the case by any standard” in the NY v. Trump trial as he called on presiding Judge Juan Merchan to dismiss this case. 

 The speculation on whether Joe Biden will really be the eventual democrat nominee is running rampant still.  Liz Peek published a guest editorial yesterday on Fox titled : Another surprising reason Joe Biden should now step aside

 California will be the first U.S. state to charge an excise tax on guns and ammunition, starting in July. The new tax – an 11% levy on each sale – will come on top of federal excise taxes of 10% or 11% for firearms and California’s 6% sales tax. The question? Will California’s new tax on gun sales reduce firearm violence?

 Comedian Bill Maher and “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin clashed Tuesday over the Israel-Hamas war and how the far-left has changed.


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