Cohen admits to stealing money from Trump; US Doctor shortage looming and SC Freedom Caucus warns of heath Czar (Ep 150)

The Prosecution rested it’s case yesterday afternoon in the Trump NYC trial. What a day! We’ve all known the NY trial of Donald Trump is a sham….but Michael Cohen’s testimony really brought that home yesterday…..and some legal experts say Cohen’s admission in court Monday that he stole from the Trump Organization further damaged the disbarred attorney’s credibility, and could lead at the very least to a deadlocked jury that cannot reach a verdict,

 Have you tried to get an appointment with your doctor only to have to wait weeks or sometimes months? Problems securing appointments to see doctors in the United States are exacerbated by soaring health care demand and fewer doctors with primary care and emergency medicine  among the hardest hit…according to an article published in The Epoch Times.

 The SCFC Issued a Policy Memo on the so-called “Health Czar” yesterday expressing their concern about an effort underway to have the legislature back in Columbia to take action on the bill.

Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of elected GOP leaders attend the NY trial of President Trump. The latest? South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson attended the Manhattan trial Monday where Trump is being criminally prosecuted for falsifying business records to cover up a sex scandal.



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