Trump hints at who his running mate will be; Haly make SNL debut while Senate releases border security plan (Ep 74)

Senate negotiators released the text of a much-anticipated border deal that lawmakers have been hashing out with White House officials since December which claims to  incorporate significant reforms, including a crackdown on asylum and parole.

New York City is launching a $53 million program, providing pre-paid debit cards for illegal immigrants.

Sen. Lindsey Graham ridiculed President Biden’s foreign policy, saying the only ones hit in retaliatory attacks by American forces were idiots.

In an exclusive interview on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures President Trump  revealed criteria for his running mate and while talking with Maria Bartiromo….dropped two names as potential running mates….

Nikki Haley’s appearance on Saturday Night Live has sparked a backlash on social media…did you see it…or are you like me…you can’t stay up that late!!!!


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