Politico says Nikki Haley won’t duplicate Newt’s upset victory in 2012 and Trump leads Biden in Georgia (Ep 73)

According to a Fox News survey of Georgia registered voters released Thursday former President Donald Trump leads President Biden with just over 50% support in Georgia, a state Biden won by less than 1 point in 2020.

 A ruling by The Oregon state Supreme Court says Ten Republican senators in Oregon cannot run for reelection…this is the left at it’s best!

A column in Politico kind of sums up the upcoming SC Primary it’s titled “Lessons from South Carolina’s last GOP primary upset” and refers to the 2012 Presidential primary…do you remember who won that one??…this is a little pop quiz….put your thinking caps on!

Saying “We cannot prosecute and arrest our way out of it.” Washington DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb is getting heat from the citizens he serves suggesting that he has given up on curbing major crime in our nation’s capital.


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