The debate is on! Biden challenges and Trump accepts as the candidates agree to two Presidential debates (Ep 147)

The debate is on!  Yesterday, after months of debating the debate both Joe Biden and President Donald  Trump agreed to two debates with the first to be on CNN on June 27 and the second on ABC on Sept. 10.

Students at the University of Oklahoma filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday alleging the school violated their equal protection clause rights by awarding students financial aid on the basis of race.

We all agree that the southern border is broken and most American’s agree the open border policy is not working and it must be fixed.  However, there’s one group that seems to be doing just fine with the way things are now……a recent report shows that non-porfits are making billions off the border crisis. We have the details.

Would you trust riding a self-driving shuttle when you park your car at the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport and need to get to the terminal? The Post and Courier reports that GSP plans to move forward with building a $95 million self-driving shuttle, but only if it can find significant outside funding to get the project started.



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