Michael Cohen hopes Trump is convicted and NYC Mayor Adams believe illegals would make good lifeguards (Ep 146)

Former lawyer Michael Cohen returned to the witness stand in former President Trump’s New York criminal trial on Tuesday. Cohen portrayed himself as Trump’s go-to fixer  and said he made secret recordings of the former president as well….and admitted he wants to see Trump convicted.

 While we are talking about court proceedings… Hunter Biden’s legal team appeared to seek a delay for his impending June 3 trial date in Delaware, which was set by a federal judge two months ago.

 As you know, NYC has been struggling with a massive illegal migrant crisis. Mayor Eric Adams has an idea…. the Mayor says they are ‘Excellent swimmers’, so why not let the illegals be part of the solution for the city’s lifeguard shortage?

Joe Biden just doesn’t get it. Because he is confused himself. Once again, speaking with Yahoo News Biden repeats false claim that inflation was at 9% when he took office after being called out last week


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