Sparks Fly at GOP Debate, Vegas Shooter is Killed by Police and Joe Biden Denies Involvement with Hunter’s Businesses

Sparks flew in last night’s GOP debate. Republican presidential candidates onstage wasted no time dogpiling on Nikki Haley soon after the fourth debate commenced. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came out swinging against  Haley claiming she isn’t a strong fighter for Republicans while Vivek Ramaswamy compared Ms. Haley to a fascist. We have the highlights.

Joe Biden walks out of a news conference today after being asked about his involvement with the Biden family.

An Ohio woman who was found guilty of throwing a piping-hot burrito bowl in the face of a Chipotle employee had her jail time lessened after agreeing to …an unusual sentence from a very creative judge.

There’s quite the controversy brewing in the Florida GOP. Florida Republican political circles were shocked  last week when state GOP leader Christian Ziegler was accused of sexual assault against a woman with whom he and his wife Bridget had planned a three-way sexual encounter.


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