Does a $16. McDonalds Meal Cost Joe Biden his reelection? Hunter Biden indicted on nine new tax charges.

Breaking news late yesterday. Hunter Biden was indicted in California on nine new charges related to his alleged failure to pay taxes, according to documents made public.  The nine new charges include three felonies and six misdemeanors….we have all the details for you!!

A major donor to the University of Pennsylvania is withdrawing a donation worth roughly $100 million as a protest against the college’s handling of antisemitism on campus and the controversial testimony by UPenn’s president on the subject….looks like President Magill got the message as she released a groveling video hoping to win back the confidence of the average American.

A receipt for a $16 McDonald’s meal posted on TikTok last year has resurfaced and gone viral, serving a taste of how many Americans are battling with soaring food prices….Joe Biden may go down in history as the President who let the price of a Big Mac get out of hand!!

This is a scary story…. FBI agents cataloged Cartier bracelets, Rolex watches and stacks of cash as they combed through safe deposit boxes seized from a Beverly Hills business accused of money laundering. But the owners of many of those boxes were not accused of any crimes and want their money back!! It’s called civil forfeiture and is a growing concern around the country.