Day Two of Trump trial with “Trump-hating” judge; SCOTUS skeptical of Jan 6th charges (Ep 126)

Former President Donald Trump began the second day of the hush money trial in New York City complaining about its “conflicted” judge, whom the 45th president called a “Trump-hating judge.” We have updates for you from day two.

ALSO… A potential juror in the former President’s  trial  spoke to the media shortly after she was excused from the pool, highlighting the “serious” mood inside the courtroom and admitting she is not a fan of the President, but defended his right to a fair trial.

New standards for (LED) lightbulbs announced by the Biden administration will likely mean measurable savings for American households, but experts say the bulbs last so long it may be years before consumers notice the benefits.

During oral arguments yesterday, the US Supreme appeared to be skeptical about the charges leveled against hundreds of January 6 protestors….

If you are wealthy and live in Los Angeles….Mayor Karen Bass is trying to “shame” you into buying housing for the less fortunate…simply because you have worked hard and succeeded.


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