BREAKING: Israel retaliates against Iran; Trump jury is chosen and RFK Jr’s sister endorses Joe Biden (Ep 128)

BREAKING… Israel carried out limited missile strikes in Iran early today in retaliation for Tehran firing a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel late Saturday.

Twelve jurors have been selected and sworn in to serve on the jury for former President Donald Trump’s historic and unprecedented first criminal trial. We will introduce them to you in today’s episode.

Meanwhile….as Trump left the court today he said Biden ‘should be in jail’ and ‘on trial,’ while blasting NY case saying ‘The whole world is watching’

Joe Biden picked up the endorsement of a number of Robert F Kennedy’s family…including his sister Kerry Kennedy who appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer.

Momma always told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. Well, maybe not so fast. According to some new reports, some of the fruits and veggies may have an ‘Unhealthy dose’ of pesticides in them.


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