Biden raises $83 million: DA Bragg drops charges against Israel protestors and its take your dog to work day! (Ep 173

Welcome to … National Take Your Dog to Work Day,……. celebrated annually on the Friday following Father’s Day (June 21),today  honors one of our most beloved pets and people across the country will have their furry little friends at work with them…..I would love to have Jesse and Simon with me…but they don’t like to get up so early!!  Are you taking your dog to work with you today? Would love for you text or email me a photo.  

President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised a combined $85 million in May, which is their second-best month of fundraising this election cycle and they will need every penny to beat Donald Trump in November as various polls still show the American people ready to move on from the failed polcies of Joe Biden.

 Remember the “law and order” New York District Attorney Allen Bragg? There’s some laws that he evidently doesn’t believe should be enforced as dozens of anti-Israel protesters who occupied and barricaded themselves in buildings on the Columbia University campus in April had their charges dropped yesterday. 

What do you do if you are a wealthy beach front landowner in Maine and your neighbor poisons your trees to improve their view…..that’s what a couple of multi-millionaires are arguing about in court!!!

Hollywood remembers Donald Sutherland as one of the most ‘engrossing film actors of all time’

AND South Carolina says goodbye to another K-9 officer after Richland County K-9 officer Wick was killed while pursuing a suspected car thief. Details in today’s show.


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