Biden creates task force to defend against “cheap fakes” and Louisiana requires Ten Commandments (Ep 172)

The Biden campaign reportedly created a special task force to reduce the impact of videos that show the president “malfunctioning” in public.

Meanwhile….MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is blasting conservative media for circulating “cheap fake” videos of the President.

 An Israeli peace activist who was kidnapped and held hostage for 53 days in Gaza said the horrifying experience shattered her longstanding belief that there could be peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

The Congressional Budget Office now expects deficits to be $1.9 trillion in fiscal year 2024….up $400 billion from the previous estimate.

Louisiana is the first state to require the display of the Ten Commandments in every public school classroom after Republican Gov. Jeff Landry signed a bill into law Wednesday. 



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