More Hostages Released; Nikki Haley picks up Endorsement and Alex Murdaugh is sentenced, again! (Ep 26)

More hostages are released last night. The announcement marks the 5th group of hostages to be released by Hamas since Israel agreed to a cease-fire with the terrorist group on Friday. The cease-fire is expected to continue through today…..and possibly longer…if more hostages are returned.


Former SC Governor Nikki Haley got a key endorsement yesterday that will be followed by a lot of campaign cash for the future.

We all love our dogs, right? If there was a drug that you could give your family pet to prolong it’s life….would you?? A San Francisco pharmaceutical company is counting you to say yes….as they believe they are close to having just that drug.


With just a month to go before retiring…. South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman sentenced disgraced lawyer and convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh for his financial crimes yesterday.  In another SC Crime Story… Notorious South Carolina inmate Susan Smith reportedly told one of several want-to-be boyfriends that she would make a “good stepmom” as her first parole hearing approaches in her life sentence for drowning her two boys….who in their right mind would allow this lady to get close to your kids?

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