Mark Sanford Disappoints SC again!!!

The people of the 1st Congressional District forgave Mark Sanford for his “hiking trip” on the Appalachian Trail  (in which he embarrassed the entire state of SC) and returned him to Congress a few years ago.  Back in June in the GOP Primary, due to Sanford’s constant defiance of President Trump’s effort to Make America Great Again, the  voters in Sanford’s district came to their senses and chose Katie Arrington instead.  Sanford could not accept the voters decision and would not support Ms. Arrington in Tuesday’s election…..this helped the democrats  regain the seat since losing it decades ago.  Sanford claims it wasn’t a partisan thing (or anti-Trump) but, that Ms. Arrington was wrong on some local issues.  The national democrats spent a lot of money on their candidate. Everyone knew it could be a close race….and it was….. Democrat Joe Cunningham won by 1.4%. Who knows for sure, but Mark Sanford’s support probably would have made the difference.  Shame on Mark Sanford!!!  Sanford, once again, proved that he only thinks of himself and not the people he claims to serve.  Let’s make it clear to Sanford that SC is done with him. Call his Congressional office ((843) 352-7572) and let him know how disappointed you are in his selfish actions.  In a time that every conservative vote in Congress counts…we just lost one because of Sanford’s arrogance.

The good news…Katie Arrington is not finished.  Katie told ABC 4 News she will be back!!!

The race has attracted national attention, as you can imagine, and I had the chance to join Mike Gallagher on his show to give the perspective of a South Carolinian.  Take a minute to listen.


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