Marijuana:Friend of Foe?

[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”standard”]As the South Carolina General Assembly again debates the merits of “medical marijuana” as defined in the recently proposed “Compassionate Care Act” we have to ask ourselves who is really driving this movement?  Is it people who are truly interested in  “health care” or is there an outside influence wanting to push this industry into our state for profit?  It appears there is an organized effort to “educate” citizens of SC on the benefits of medical marijuana. Last fall the S.C. Compassionate Care Alliance launched a tour in support of legalizing medical cannabis.  The question is who’s “educating” citizens of SC on the “horror” stories of what this drug can do to users and their families?  Organizations like the Phoenix Center see the destruction caused by marijuana and simply want further testing and FDA input before doctors can start writing prescriptions.  The South Carolina Medical Association opposes legalizing the drug until further study. Granted, it’s hard to question the parents of a child who has seizures and believe this drug could help.  It’s hard to argue with a veteran who suffers from PTSD who thinks marijuana calms his anxiety.  However, it’s not hard to argue that marijuana is still a drug and is addictive!!  Try to tell the parents of  Thomas, who was very athletic,  played football, basketball , baseball  and was also an honor student that marijuana is not addictive and you’ll have an argument on hand.   Thomas’ parents believe marijuana robbed him of the life God intended for him to live.  

As you are gathering the evidence to make an educated decision on how you stand on the Compassionate Care Act…take  a minute to listen to Thomas’ story ….as told by him  mom, Tonya Faulkenberry.


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