Is Your Family Prepared for an Emergency?

On Thursday, September 12th, I had the opportunity to broadcast my morning radio show from atop Paris Mountain where 94-5 WGTK’s tower is located.  Our radio station is a partner with FEMA as one of their PEP stations.  What is a PEP station?…… PEP stations are privately owned commercial and non-commercial radio broadcast stations that cooperatively participate with FEMA to provide emergency alert and warning information to the public before, during and after a national or local emergency.

PEP stations are located throughout the country  and have a direct connection to FEMA and  serve as the primary broadcast source for Presidential National Public Warning System (NPWS) messages.

PEP stations network to other broadcast stations in order to disseminate messages throughout the country and state and local public safety officials can leverage EAS and FEMA PEP stations when they are not in use for National EAS warning messages.

What does all this mean?…in a nutshell…if we were to have a natural disaster, like a hurricane as witnessed  last week with Dorian….or some type of national emergency or terror attack and not be able to continue to broadcast from our normal radio station studios I could make my way up to the top of Paris Mountain….activate the FEMA provided equipment  on the mountain…and stay on the air for 30-45 days.

We have broadcast equipment….we have generators….a large supply of diesel fuel for the generators….and food…..(not very appetizing looking in a box!!!)  We had a number of guests throughout the morning who talked about how to respond in an emergency.  Take some time to listen to the various state and local officials and be sure you are prepared to respond.  Also, be sure to download the South Carolina Emergency Response CHECKLIST to be sure you have what your family would need in the event of an emergency.

See the great coverage from our friends at WYFF News 4. 


Hour 1 – Pelham Batesville Fire Chief Phill Jolley, A.T. Smith, Retired Deputy Director of US Secret Service

Hour 2 – Antwane Johnson – Director of Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), Manny Centeno – FEMA NPWS Sustainment Program Manager, Lt. Governor Pamela Evette and State Senator Dwight Loftis

Hour 3 –  State Senator Dwight Loftis, Jay Marett with  Greenville County Emergency Management , George McKinney with Greenwood County Emergency Management, A.T. Smith, Retired Deputy Director of US Secret Service and Greenville County Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown



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