Is Joe Biden too old to be President and was Argentina’s Presidential elections a glimpse of Nov 2024 in the US? (Ep 20)

Newsmax White House correspondent James Rosen pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on ignoring President Joe Biden’s “dismal” approval ratings. The two got into a back and forth in yesterday’s White House press briefing about which polls accurately reflected what American’s think about President Joe Biden and his ability to serve another 4 years…

Yesterday, Joe Biden celebrated birthday #81…it was a day that Biden would have liked to have skipped over….for many reasons. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump had a backhanded 81st birthday present for his successor.  The 77-year-old Trump released a glowing letter purporting to be from his personal physician crowing about his “excellent” health and claiming that he has lost an unspecified amount of weight.


Did Argentina’s elections this past weekend send a message to the democrats and Joe Biden? The winner, Javier Milei (a conservative in a socialist country) won by vowing to slash taxes and spending, ditch the central bank, dollarize Argentina’s currency, privatize state industries and shrink the government by axing useless ministries (like the one for “Women, Genders and Diversity”)does this sound familiar??? Is it a glimpse of what we might see in November 2024?

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