Hunter Biden Received MORE Money from”Sugar Brother” and Trump is on with Hannity

President Donald Trump sat down with Sean Hannity last night for an exclusive town hall on Fox News ….the event is less than 6 weeks away from the Iowa caucuses. The Townhall was in Davenport, IA ahead of tonights  4th GOP debate in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Are you familiar with the name Kevin Morris? He’s the Hollywood lawyer known as Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother” who has reportedly given Biden millions in the past few years. In recent reports it was suggested Mr. Morris had given Hunter Biden up to $2million. A new report says that number may have been underestimated…..guess how much???

Tonight….we will again see the remaining GOP candidates on the debate stage in Alabama and things are heating up between the two candidates competing for second place behind Donald Trump…former SC Governor Nikki Haley is not backing down from some of the accusations from the Fon DeSantis campaign.

Remember the story of the bride and groom who were hit by an accused drunk driver on their wedding night at Folly Beach just outside of Charleston, SC? Sadly the bride died as a result of the accident and the story is back in the headlines ….as her mom is challenging the newly wed husband in how he is handling her daughter’s estate.

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