Gavin Newsom and Ron Desantis debate while Nikki Haley gets Donations from Unlikely sources (Ep 28)

CA Gov Gavin Newsome faced off with FL Gov Ron DeSantis in a debate last night on the Sean Hannity Show…did you watch? We will hit some of the highlights…..this is one of those…I watched it so you didn’t have to…!!!!

 White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre angrily stormed out of Thursday’s press briefing after being pressed by an African reporter on why he wasn’t being called on to ask a question.

If you are a McDonald’s hamburger fan….you have some changes coming up according to the Wall Street Journal McDonald’s is set to make major changes to their most popular items on their menus-…..their burgers!

 Nikki Haley has had a record week….a number of endorsements from billionaires and is raising a lot of money……..but, according to the NY Post some of the big donations…are coming from some unlikely supporters. I’ll explain.

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